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Party of 4, dubbed “PO4” for short, plays Rock N’ Roll music. Their influences stem from blues, rock, and alternative artists from the late 1950’s through the modern era. This four-piece group features Patrick Krause on Drums, Jordan Korach on bass and vocal, Charlie Moore on lead guitar, and Clayton Madey on guitar and lead vocal. With plenty of range and versatility, expect Party of 4 to consistently crank out new jams that capture a classic feel with a unique touch.  


Party of 4 was formed in the summer of 2020 at a barn about 25 miles south of Portland, OR. Drummer Patrick Krause and guitarist/vocalist Clayton Madey were friends prior to the band’s formation. They played golf together and had some business overlap in their respective real estate careers, but they didn't know that the other played music until it came up over a beer one sunny afternoon. Later that week, they got together in what would become known as the “rock barn,” and played a few classic rock tunes together. The chemistry was palpable and the sentiment quickly shifted from, “hey, we should play some stuff every now and then for fun!” to, “this could really be something…” 


Clayton and lead guitarist Charlie Moore have been friends since childhood, and have played guitar together for many years. The duo formed a band in the 7th grade known as the “Animal Zombies,” but never officially released any music. “We didn't release anything because it was diabolical trash,” to be specific. After a great session with Pat, Clayton asked Charlie sit in for a session, and the chemistry only improved. 


When the conversation shifted to finding a bass player, Pat thought and listened for a minute before confidently chiming in, “I got a guy.” He described Jordan Korach and his background in music, which included a long list of professional experience with recording and live shows. Pat and Jordan had played in a band together a few years prior. Charlie and Clayton say they listened in awe for a minute and broke the silence with, “why would a guy like that want to sit it with us?” “Because he’s a rock n’ roll addict,” Pat said. 


The first session as a group saw instantaneous connection. The band’s taste in music was very similar. Without ever having practiced, they ripped about 15 songs together during their first session, playing each start to finish. One would ask, “do you guys know ‘Voodoo Child?’” and the group would reply, “of course.” And then they’d play it. 


“Do you guys know ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance?’” “Of course.”

“Do you guys know ‘The Weight?’” “Of course.”

“Do you guys know ‘Pride and Joy?’” “Of course.”

“Do you guys know ‘Brain Stew?’” “Of course.”

“Do you guys know ‘Soulshine?’” “Of course.”

“Do you guys know ‘Heartbreaker?’” “Of course.”


And so on… 


“It doesn't get better than playing good music when everyone is locked in,” they all say. “End of the workday, sunny evening, barn doors open, couple cold beers, you can’t beat it.” The love of playing got the first few sessions off the ground and from there the path only widened. 


A couple early live shows for family and friends got them thinking, is it time to write some music? Writing originals is always new territory and there was some uncertainty as to that chapter, but the process unfolded seamlessly. It was a free exchange of ideas and creativity that led to the legs of a couple songs, and it snowballed from there. “Writing isn’t easy, and it takes the right mesh of musicians and personalities to be productive. For some reason, this group just clicks like that. We could write a song a day if we had to,” says Madey. 

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